New Homes in Utah

Utah Homebuilders Vary Greatly

If you are considering building or purchasing a new home in Utah, there are a few important things you should know.

An important factor you need to consider as you look at Utah homebuilders is commitment to customer service and high quality. Perry Homes has spent the last 30 years building beautiful single family homes all over Utah. Stability and experience has been the foundation of our homebuilding and has proven a benefit to our home buyers.

Along with buying a new home comes the desire to protect your investment. Perry Homes has one of the best home warranty programs in the business. Sometimes people buy new homes from builders without the longevity of Perry Homes and find that there is nobody there down the road to service their new home because the builder has gone out of business. We pride ourselves in providing great service to our new home buyers. They have the confidence that Perry Homes will be there should problems arise.

No Construction Loan Required

Did you know that Perry Homes does not require you to get a construction loan when buying from us? That means less out of pocket money and less liability taken on as a new home buyer. What if your builder went out of business and left you responsible for the construction loan with a half finished home?

Perry Homes are a Great Value!

We are genuinely concerned about the new home purchase being a good value to the home buyer. Our commitment to quality and value goes a long way!

View our gallery of beautiful new homes in Utah.